Changelog for v0.8.0

Here you can see a detailed list of changes that were made in version 0.8.0

Added seer role and fixed many bugs

We are happy to announce that we added a new role! It's one of the most loved roles in Werewolf, and now you can also play with this role in Werewolf Online: the seer. As always, you can fully customize the distribution and order. This already leads us to the bug fixes: There was a major issue regarding room customization that's now been fixed - after a room owner changed settings, those settings were applied to all rooms globally and persisted for newly created rooms. There were also some issues regarding role distribution. In some rare cases, roles wouldn't be distributed even though they should have, and in other cases roles were distributed that shouldn't have been distributed. The distribution algorithm now works again as expected. The game internals also have been restructured drastically. We also fixed some smaller bugs and improved things here and there.


New roles