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    New roles




    We are happy to announce that we added a new role! It's one of the most loved roles in Werewolf, and now you can also play with this role in Werewolf Online: the seer. As always, you can fully customize the distribution and order. This already leads us to the bug fixes: There was a major issue regarding room customization that's now been fixed - after a room owner changed settings, those settings were applied to all rooms globally and persisted for newly created rooms. There were also some issues regarding role distribution. In some rare cases, roles wouldn't be distributed even though they should have, and in other cases roles were distributed that shouldn't have been distributed. The distribution algorithm now works again as expected. The game internals also have been restructured drastically. We also fixed some smaller bugs and improved things here and there.




    It was possible for a room/game to break, if the game order was edited in the room settings. This should now be possible again without any problems.




    The game end screen is now more clear. The role of every player is now revealed at the end of a game.




    The game got stuck after the round summary in many cases. This bug is now resolved.




    In rare cases an unexpected error occured because of the renaming feature. This should be fixed now.


New features

New roles



Frequently asked questions

What is Werewolf?

Werewolf Online by NextGlobe is a free browser game, where villagers try to expose the hidden werewolves. After starting a game, everyone gets assigned a secret role, which should not be shared with the other players. Everyone tries to find the werewolves in the thrilling discussion phases – but as soon as nightfall, the werewolves kill innocent villagers that know too much about them. The right strategy counts!

The game is based on "Die Werwölfe von Düsterwald" (Les loups-garous de Thiercelieux) which is available as a physical card game. It was inspired by the russian game "Mafia", which already exists since 1986. The history of this social game lies far in the past – and now it is even playable online with your friends, completely for free!

Which roles can be played in Werewolf Online by NextGlobe?

Currently, the following roles are available:

  • Werewolf

  • Witch

  • Amor

  • Villager

We always add new roles – should you have role ideas, we would be excited for you to send them to us on Twitter (@NextGlobeNet), our Discord server or via email at [email protected]!

Is it possible to customize the game?

Yes. You have the possibility to customize almost every aspect of the game in the room settings. You don't want the role of a player to be shown after he died? No problem! You want the major voting to occur after the kill voting? Pretty easy – the order of the game phases can be completely customized by drag-and-drop.

How many players can join a room?

You can play with up to 10 friends! If you need higher capacities, please contact us via email at ([email protected])

We recommend playing the game while in a video call to see the facial expressions of the others, but of course this is not necessary. You can talk with your friends over TeamSpeak or Discord or even play with them while sitting next to each other – whatever you prefer, the possibilities are infinite.

We plan to release an optional ingame chat and public rooms in the future. Then you will be able to play with random players from all over the world! If you are interested in further updates, you can follow us on Twitter (@NextGlobeNet) or join our Discord server.

Why is logging in not possible?

Currently, logging in via a NextGlobe account is not possible yet.

We are working on additional features and benefits for users with an account – here and there you may see a feature that will be available in the future when logging in via a NextGlobe account. If you have ideas or special requests regarding the account system, please contact us at [email protected], leave a message on our Discord server or send us a direct message on Twitter.